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Simplify Your Business Ops & Processes

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Imagine how your business would be if you could identify and eliminate unnecessary processes, maximize efficiency and improve workflow. That's what our team of specialists deliver for you.

Services We Offer

Business & Cultural Innovation Advisory

We guide you through the digitizing of your business structures and functions and the impact it has on the overall business culture.

Process & Workflow Improvement

Before developing apps and solutions, one of the most important areas that is often missed is the process & workflow improvement.

Solution Design & Implementation

With over 200 modules, our team's development accelerates and we are able to deliver rock-solid apps 2-5 times faster.


We provide solutions that help organizations GO-GREEN.  

With one mobile app that we designed for a retail company, they are no longer printing 2,500 sheets of paper a day for one of their departments.

Ready To Use Solutions

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Contract Management

Keep track of your contract throughout the entire lifecycle.

Your Way

Easily configure the system to your workflows, contract types, user preferences, notifications and much more.   Mobile and User Friendly.

EZ-Mobile DVIR

An easier way for your drivers to do their visual inspection reports.

Easy To Use

Eliminate paperwork, control driver time spent on each part/item inspected, receive email notifications when repairs are required.

EZ-Driver Dispatch

Quickly dispatch your drivers and get them on the road.

Rapid Dispatch

Within a couple of minutes assign driver a vehicle, a trailer, a tablet and their route assignments.

Field Service Management

Track every aspect of your Field Service operations.

Online or Offline

Your field workforce now have access to all of the necessary project info and can capture the necessary data while out in the field.  

Project Management

Ensure that all tasks are completed as expected.


The way you and your team manage projects, you may need something more robust, scalable and configurable.

Quality Management

Suite of apps to centrally manage and improve quality.

Easily Configurable

Stay compliant and ensure quality throughout your organization with QMS that is easily configurable to meet your needs.

Talk About Rapid Delivery

Core Function Modules

Key modules that are the core of rapid delivery of solutions.

Support Modules

Support modules help speed up integration.

Module Combinations

Incredible number combinations to simplify design.

Up To
Times Faster

Deliver rock-solid solutions up to 7 times faster.

Don't Let Your Projects Be Part of These Statistics

There are many reasons why business initiatives such as new software application development, fail.  We guide you through the process to minimize project failures and increase successes.

Common Reasons Why Projects Fail

Putting Technology Before Business
Never Ending Scope
Lack of Communication
Change (Cultural & Business)
Poor Business & Technical Requirement Understanding

Check Out What These People Say About Asentex

PGA of America

"Asentex has demonstrated great communication and responsiveness to our questions. The turnaround time for our requests have far exceeded our expectations. Their follow-up and frequent “check-ins” are great. Our team has had a very positive experience and I definitely recommend them for anyone."

– Evan L. 

Public Utility Commission of Texas 

"Asentex has been extremely attentive to the Commissions needs and requirements in the system. Asentex has been a good vendor to work with."

– Jay S. 
Program Administrator

Scrum Doc

"Luis is a rare example of someone who brings an innovative and positive outlook on problem-solving to any business or technology challenge. I have seen Luis master new business and technology domains quickly and effectively."

– Greg T. 
Scrum Master

Word and Brown Companies

"Asentex has been instrumental in helping us define and design our company forms and have done a great job not just in delivering a quality product, but also going above and beyond to help us find the best solutions for our business."

– Becky M. 
Enterprise Services Scrum Master

Jim Ellis Automotive Group

"From the time that we selected Asentex to design our claims management system, I’ve felt that the entire team was knowledgeable and responsive to the many requirements I had for our system. The team’s dedication to this entire process showed a willingness to go above and beyond."

– Melissa H. 
Insurance Administrator

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